10 Ways to Rank Your Website on Search Engines – Learn How

If you also ways to rank your website, then you also want to earn through it, then you can take the help of a digital marketing course of success, through this course of success and till now hundreds of youths have made their website and they are able to earn money. Has been made a means of.

Ways to Rank Your Website

At present, there are more than 57 lakh website domains registered in India today. Due to the great growth in the digital marketing sector, nowadays every company has started doing its business online through its website. On the other hand, if you are young, then you know how to make a website, then there will be no shortage of work for you, in today’s time, you can take the order to make a website every day.

10 Ways to Rank Your Website on Search Engines, Learn How

Lakhs of the youth in the country today are earning good money by creating websites in the fields of entertainment, education, sports, digital marketing, graphic design, etc. If you also want to make a website of your own, then you also want to earn through it. So you can take the help of digital marketing course for success. Through this successful course, till now hundreds of youths have opened their website and made them a means of earning money.

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How to Rank a Website

After learning how to make a website, You have to put content regularly inside the segments created on that website. Along with this, these 10 things will also have to be done to get the website approved. You can also take the help of an SEO specialist in these 10 works.

Meta Title

Meta Title should be more important in your website. Google search comes to know from this title tag what your website is made about.

Meta Description

A little information about your website is given in a Google search. Which keeps appearing on SERP. which shows the website in shorts

Header Tag

The most important H1 Header Tag is that you should not have more than one H1 tag on the website. H2 and H3 are also used as Sub Heading Tags.

Image Optimization

Your image should match the content. Also, the size of the image to be uploaded should not exceed 1 MB. Alt tags should also be used in this.

Page Load Time

Whenever the user comes to your website and opens it, then in just one and a half to 2 seconds your website should be open and visible.

Responsive Design

Your website should be a Responsive website for all devices. For example, it should be easily visible on mobile, tablet, and computer.

Broken Links

Broken links can affect the SEO performance of any business in many ways by locating the links, so remove them, or update them.

Keyword Optimization

The better you do Keyword Optimization, the better your On-Page SEO will be. Because by optimizing our website Meta Tags and many other factors through our Targeted Keywords, On Page SEO will be done.

Internal links

Internal linking also increases the traffic of your other pages and it also shows Quality SEO.

External links

By doing External Linking for your website as well, and by this the user gets maximum content and along with User Experience, the ranking also improves.

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